"45rpm.tokyo" is the 7inch record information of
the cafe GINGER.TOKYO in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa.
It's A 7inch Paradise !!

Progressive Rock

Pink Floyd
One Of These Days
c/w Seamus
from "Meddle"


One Of These Days
c/w Seamus
from "Meddle"

One Of These Days
c/w Seamus
from "Meddle"

Another Brick n The Wall (Part II)
c/w One Of My Turns
from "The Wall"

Don't Kill The Whale
c/w Abalene
from "Tormato"

*Side Bのタイトルは
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
c/w Our Song
from "90125"
Follow You Follow Me
c/w Ballad Of Big
from "...And Then There Were Three..."

*Sold Out!
That's All
c/w Taking It All Too Hard
from "Genesis"
Invisible Touch
c/w The Last Domino
from "Invisible Touch"

c/w The Great Gates Of Kiev
from "Pictures At An Exhibition"
Children Of The Light (光の天使)
c/w Challenge Of The Psionics Fighters (地球を護る者)
by Keith Emerson
Side A : Vo.: Rosemary Butler
from "Harmagedon OST" (角川映画 「幻魔大戦」)
I Believe In Father Christmas
c/w Humbug
by Greg Lake

*1977年リリースのにWorks Volume 2に収録


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