"45rpm.tokyo" is the 7inch record information of
the cafe GINGER.TOKYO in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa.
It's A 7inch Paradise !!


Cold As Ice
c/w I Need You
from "Foreigner"
Long, Long Way From Home
c/w The Damage Is Done
from "Foreigner"
Blue Morning, Blue Day
c/w I Have Waited So Long
from "Double Vision"
Head Games
c/w Do What You Like
from "Head Games"

c/w Girl On The moon
from "4"

翌年カップリング曲が「Head Games (Live)」に変更された
Waiting For A Girl Like You
c/w I'm Gonna Win
from "4"

*10週連続全米2位(Billboard Hot 100)
9週はOlivia Newton-JohnのPhisycalに阻まれ
残る1週はHall & OatesのI Can't Go For That
翌年カップリング曲が「Head Games (Live)」に変更
Break It Up
c/w Head Games (Live)
from "4"

I Want To Know What Love Is
c/w Street Thunder
from "Agent Provocateur"
I Don't Want To Live Without You
c/w Face To Face
from "Inside Information"

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