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Daryl Hall & John Oates

Rich Girl
c/w London Luck, & Love
from "Bigger Than Both Of Us"

Wait For Me
c/w No Brain No Pain
from "X-Static"
Hard To Be In Love With You
c/w How Does It Feel To Be Back
from "Voices"

Kiss On My List
c/w You've Lost That lovin' Feeling
from "Voices"
Private Eyes
c/w Tell Me What You Want
from "Private Eyes"
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
c/w Unguarded Minute
from"Private Eyes"

Did It In A Minute
c/w Head Above Water
from "Private Eyes"
c/w Delayed Reaction
from "H2O"

Say It Isn't So
c/w Kiss On My List
from "Rock 'N' Soul Part1"

Adult Education
c/w Maneater
from "Rock 'N' Soul Part1"

Out Of Touch
c/w Cold, Dark And Yesterday
from "Big Bam Boom"

Method Of Modern Love
c/w Bank Of Your Love
from "Big Bam Boom"

Possession Obsession
c/w Everytime You Go Away
from "Big Bam Boom"

*4th Single from BBB

Related Items
c/w Let It Out
by Daryl Hall
from "Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine"

Someone Like You (Guitar Solo)
c/w Someone Like You (Sax Solo)
by Daryl Hall
from "Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine"
Close c/w Let's Drive
by John Oates
from "Stand Strong"

*Record Store Day 2015 April

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