"45rpm.tokyo" is the 7inch record information of
the cafe GINGER.TOKYO in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa.
It's A 7inch Paradise !!

The Police

Message In A Bottle
c/w Landlord
from "Reggatta De Blanc"

*Side 2はアルバム未収録
Don't Stand So Close To Me
c/w Friends
from "Zenyatta Mondatta"

 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
c/w Behind My Camel
from "Zenyatta Mondatta"


Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
c/w Shambelle
from "Ghost In The Machine"

*Side 2はアルバム未収録
Spirits In The Material World
c/w Flexible Strategies
from "Ghost In The Machine"

Every Breath You Take c/w Murder By Numbers
from "Synchronicity" (1983.05.)

*Side 2はLP未収録、CD・カセットのボーナストラック

c/w To Hal And Back
from "2010 OST"
by Andy Summers

Love Is The Strangest Way
by Andy Summers

If You Love Somebody Set Them Free

by Sting

We'll Be Together
c/w Conversation With A Dog
by Sting

*Side B アルバム未収録

Be Still My Beating Heart
c/w Ghost In The Strand
by Sting

Englishman In New York
c/w Moon Over Bourbon Street
by Sting


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